A classic twill fabric, revisited in a modern way by Busatti's deisgner. The structure of this fabric is very soft and innovative. The color of the linen yarn gives it a lovely shine.  

  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: 40 X 70 cm
  • Materials: 60% Linen 40 % Cotton
  • Design: Geometrical
  • Finishing: hand knotted fringe | hand Tamara lace

Busatti Guest Towel - Grosseto Twill


"Weavers in Tuscany since 1842

Since 1842 the Busatti family has been weaving in the cellars of the Palazzo Morgalanti in Anghiari, Tuscany. Busatti is still a synonym of quality and tradition, but also of innovation because of a constant search of new designs, colors and models. We can meet any textile home decor and linen request. In addition to our normal production lines, we can customize any request to your specifications. We can make tablecloths, curtains, bath towels, fabric panels and many more in any dimension and shape. We can also create and make exclusive embroideries or a customized unique pattern."

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