• Made in Italy
  • Materials: 100% Linen
  • Drawing: Jacquard
  • Refinishing: Hemstitch
  • Finishing: hand knotted fringe | hand Tamara lace

Busatti Runner - Giglio - Wode Blue


"On 29 June 1440 on the plain of Anghiari in Tuscany, an imposing battle took place which saved Florence from the invasion of the Milanese and in practice also the Renaissance, allowing a great sigh of relief to be felt to all the citizens of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Florence did not forget Anghiari and from that day granted him the use of the Florentine Lily. A friendship that has lasted for centuries and that my ancestors wanted to seal with a fabric, the Giglio. To make it even more valuable we made it in 100% linen. Even today we weave it and compose it in exactly the same way.

A refined and valuable table knight that evokes deeply rooted and precious friendships.


The sense of the classical term is more or less known to all but not everyone is familiar with the meaning it encompasses in the field of furniture. The rider is in practice a strip of fabric which, by covering the table by the width, gives rise to a two-piece apparatus.

The beauty of the rider is all in its use: you can have knights of the same fabric but in different colors alternating them, varying the finishes and types so as to create always fresh and innovative equipment.

It is ideal for important or valuable tables that it is a pity to completely cover with a tablecloth, for counters or designer furniture.

Furnishing with knights gives more space to ideas and creativity and allows you to furnish with elegance and freshness."

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