Hammocks have long been part of the history of Paraguay. The Guaraní, whose bloodline is shared by nearly everyone in the country, call them 'keha', meaning ‘place to sleep’. Through generations they mastered the art of hand-knotting using coconut and palm fibers, grasses, and cotton. The advent of the hand-loom allowed for faster production of a similarly sturdy sling, but didn’t diminish or replace the old way of knotting; rather, it added to the depth and range of an already deep artisanal culture.


These loomed cotton hammocks are masterfully handcrafted on a traditional shuttle loom to create a comfortable basketweave textured sling, featuring hand-knotted fringes and tassels. It boasts generous suspension cords on each end for strength and even weight distribution.


Because each hammock is handmade, slight variations in size and appearance may occur.


    • Single - Length: 10ft. | Bed Size: 6.5’ x 4’ (78” x 48”) 

    *Sizes are approximate - Actual hammock may vary.


    100% cotton.


    Handmade in Paraguay

  • CARE

    • Machine-washable
      Wash separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.
    • Tie loose ends
      Bind the suspension cords and tie the tassels together before washing to prevent tangling.

    • Hang to dry
      In order to preserve the hammock, do not tumble dry. 


    TIP: The natural color of the cotton will whiten with time as it is washed and with sun exposure – To maintain its creamy, off-white color, we recommend giving your hammock a diluted tea or coffee wash prior to washing. Alternatively, bleach may be used to achieve a bright white color. 

Hand Loomed Hammock

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