• Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Skiing Santa Christmas Ornament
  • Unique Collectible Norwegian Santa Claus on Skis Holiday Decoration
  • Trimmed with Czech Crystals and Gold Tassel
  • 7.25″ Tall
  • Includes gift box, story and info card

Ornament - Norwegian Woods


There is silence deep within in the Norwegian Woods, the snow is forever falling where few humans have ever stood. This is the story of the legendary long bearded old skier, who dwells there and may be seen at night by his fire. With the first morning light he is gone without a trace, a blanket of fresh snow covering his supposed resting place. Travelers describe a skier who in heavy blizzards appears, sometimes followed by a team of reindeer, who without a word quells any fears. There are stories of hikers without skis or snowshoes finding gear, whiteouts and heavy winds suddenly pause and clear, miraculously allowing a map to all paths within his sphere. Tales are told of those near frostbite finding his fire for warmth, some speak of tracks instantly appearing on fresh falling snow, providing lost travelers with a guide for which way to go. All describe the same red coated man with glittered silver skis, who lives within this land of snow and thick trees, seen by those in need during the long deep winter freeze.

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